Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My “Gotcha” Day

Yep, mine.  Gotcha day is a big day in the life of adoptive parents; huge.  It’s the day they get custody of their child; sometimes the very first day they laid eyes on that child.  It’s every bit as important as the day you give birth and sometimes the parents worked waaaaaay harder for this day than if they had given birth.  I’ve done both and Dasha’s Gotcha day was every bit as meaningful as emotional as any of the birthdays of my other babies.

I was adopted as a wee little girl, not quite 6 weeks old.  My parents didn’t get much notice that I was coming.  They had to borrow most all the neccessary baby equipment, and I was at the baby shower thrown for my mom.  The pictures of my mom and dad as new parents are awesome.  They look so young, and happy.  Well, you know I was kinda cute!  So, Happy A Day Mom and Dad!  I love you very much!


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