Sunday, March 20, 2011

I’ve Been Having a Bad Week

Andrew and Madelyn are gone on their orchestra trip so I miss them of course but they are having a fun and wonderful experience with school friends so that is just a teeny part of my sadness this week.

This is a big part.  My friend Stephanie posted about Carrington.  She was in Dasha’s orphanage.  I just don’t have the words.  My heart breaks for her and her new mommy and daddy.  Stephanie has also set up a chip-in for anyone who would like to help support the family financially while Carrington is in the hospital.  Click here to see info on that.  Summer and Jill have written beautiful posts about sweet Carrington too.

This is the other big part.  A family had their court date this week to bring home their sweet boy from EE.  The judge said no.  I don’t think I could breathe for several minutes when I read that.  NO.  A little, harsh, heartbreaking word.  Our court date was the most anticipated, terrifying day of my life; but we were granted permission to make our little girl ours!  What if we weren’t?  Another adoptive mom, Julia, has written their story and explained far better than I could.  Please read and pray for them too.

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