Sunday, March 27, 2011

THE Birthday Party!

Today was The Party.  The party to celebrate Dashlyn’s 3rd birthday.  Also Madelyn’s 15th birthday and Dashlyn’s first EVER birthday party.  There were balloons and presents and cake and ice cream!  Most importantly, there were family and special friends to celebrate the life of a special little girl with Down syndrome.  I could post a whole album of pictures, but I’ll try to whittle it down to just a few:

My 2 beautiful daughters:




Family and Friends:




There’s so much more to write about.  Like how the family members who haven’t seen Dasha since Christmas were so impressed by how well she’s doing.  And how I got all teary when everyone was singing “Happy Birthday”.  And the way she looked when I put her into bed; so tired and sleepy and happy.  It was a super awesome party and tonight I am one tired and happy mommy.

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J-Rob; Jen said...

Julie!! I came across your blog from RK's!!! I love the pictures!!