Friday, January 6, 2012

It’s a New Year

And I’m a bad blogger.  I’d like to resolve to blog more often and maybe I will be able to do that.  To be realistic, I’m shooting for once a week, sometime between Sun and Sat.  I’d also like to try doing Wordless Wednesday this year too.

And one more thing.  I love looking at my Jackson.  I could stare at his amazing, beautiful face all day.  I think all of my kids are exceptionally beautiful (of course!) but I love looking at Jack’s face.  There’s a little guy on Reece's Rainbow that I cannot stop looking at.  I love his face too.  He’s going to be 5 this year.  He needs a family to save him from hopelessness.  When we adopted Dasha, I promised my family I wouldn’t beg again, to save another child, but oh, I would go get him in a heartbeat if I could.  His name is Daniel on RR.  I don’t know what his real name is, or where, specifically he is.  But I’ll be talking about him, trying to raise money for him, trying to get his picture out there, so his family can find him.  I pray it is soon.

Daniel spring 2011

Happy New Year friends.

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