Thursday, September 27, 2012

School Year 2012-13 begins….

The 4 youngest all started on the same day, making life a little easier for once.  Let’s get some pics out of the way and the next post will be all Jack – he started kindergarten this year so I have lots of thoughts on him!

Madelyn is a junior this year and Ty is in 8th grade.  (M is going to hate that I posted this pic but she had her eyes shut in all the other ones!)


And then, since they are big kids, Ty went off to catch the bus and our favorite boyfriend Charlie picked up M.  (I yelled at Ty when he hit the bottom of the driveway to look happy and that is what I got.)

P1060287 P1060288

Next it was Jack’s turn.  I drive him to school about an hour after M leaves and an hour before Dasha goes.  He has become IMPOSSIBLE to photograph!  These are the best I got :(

P1060290 P1060293

He had a good day and seemed happy to be there!  Good for this momma’s heart.

Dasha started preschool too.  I took a couple pics in the house and thought it might be fun to take some more outside of her school, forgetting about her foliage phobia :(.



(She looks okay here but as soon as she saw how close she was to the tree the photo shoot was over!)

And some day soon, I’ll finish the post about Jack going to kindergarten.

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