Monday, August 27, 2012

Some of my “extra” kids

My extra super wonderful friend Sherry moved far far away a few years ago.  We try to keep in touch but of course it isn’t the same.  We try to get together every chance we can (she has relatives fairly close and I drove to visit her only once so far).  Last week her mom called and said that she had Sherry’s kids and did I want a visit from them?  HECK YEAH!  So she brought them to our house and we had a nice visit.  Lunch of pizza, lots of video games, and lots of chatting!  Thanks for sharing them with us Sherry and Scott, Gale and Gary!  We love you!


Dasha with Gracie.


My boys with James.


And our usual pic of everyone together!  (M had a babysitting gig and of course I forgot to do the pic when she was still home, dang it.)

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