Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer cold, oh yay.

Jack has a history of respiratory issues.  Anytime he gets a cold, here comes the wheezing.  He started in with a slight cough 2 weeks ago.  This past week started the wheezing.  His big sis M did the same dang thing (rotten kids).  So we have a nebulizer from her adventures.  Our ped is great about letting us have albuterol on hand to use as needed.  It is awesome to be able to just whip that stuff out of the closet and use it.  I usually listen to his chest several times before we do it but the other day I didn’t even bother (I knew he needed it – I think sometimes I just like being able to use the stethoscope!).  And little man was ready for it – what a good boy!

IMG_0454 IMG_0455


Sometimes he lets us help.  Always, he likes to snuggle when getting a breathing treatment.  Silver lining people.

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