Monday, July 2, 2012


Normally, by now we would have been at the pool several times.  But this year that’s a problem.  I have 2 wild little ones, and one momma vs. the 2 of them means I lose every time.  We’ve been a couple of times but only when I have some help.  We’ve set up the pool in the backyard or on the deck a couple of times but we have a problem with that too – we’ll cover that later.  Today, M and I got the crazy idea to use our old swing set slide to make a redneck water slide!  Jack LOVED it!!  M did too; she went down several times.  It was so cute to see her and Jack together.  He kept telling her when it was her turn and when he went first he tried to catch her when she got to the bottom.   


So here’s my problem -

Jack is 5 and Dasha is 4.  Neither is potty-trained.  Jack has ZERO interest.  Every once in a great while we can talk him into sitting on the potty but I can count on one hand how many successes he’s had.  Dasha is more willing to try and if I remember to take her every 45 mins to an hour, she stays pretty dry.  But she isn’t usually interested in telling me when she has to go and #2 is usually done in the diaper/pullup.  We’ve tried everything.  They love potty videos; we watch daily.  D loves to flush and get a “smartie” as a reward.  I’m about to lose it over potty training.  If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

But the real problem is swimming.  Both kids wear a swimmer diaper in the pool.  But usually, one or both will poop while in the pool!  Disgusting!  My new policy is whoever poops in the pool is done.  We go in, get them cleaned up, they stay out for the rest of the day.  (I considered making sure they went before swimming, but neither kid is a scheduled pooper, so that’s too hard.)  The other kid has to wait while we clean out the pool and clean them off and then they can keep swimming.  Usually, pool poop is contained within the swim diaper but ewwwwww.  So going to the public pool is a problem.  We’re going on vacation soon.  What am I going to do with these two???  The pool poop is going to drive me insane!  Any ideas?  Anyone?

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