Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I absolutely, positively, cannot resist my sleeping kiddos

I can’t even count how many pics I’ve taken of them asleep.  I’m probably the only one who would ever be interested (and that is okay) but I’m sharing 2 now. 



Aren’t they completely precious?!  They both have the sweetest little hands.  Love, Love, Love!!

My husband and I have been pretty lucky.  All the kids sleep in their own beds all night long.  I hear them if they fall out of bed or are sick or something but for the most part we just give hugs and kisses and make sure the covers are accessible (I cover them up – they kick them off!) and shut the door and walk away.  Both little kids still have bed rails so they don’t fall out.  Jack started sleeping with a night light when we started getting spring storms and he was worried, but usually they sleep in the dark, doors shut, all night long.  I usually check on them before I go to bed and they are out.  It’s awesome!

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