Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something a Little More Cheerful

We’re having a very non-scheduled summer so far.  We’re looking forward to plenty of fun stuff in the next 2 months too.  So far the littles have remembered that they love swimming:

IMG_0376 IMG_0397

We’ve gone to a couple of movies and plan to go to lots more.

We’re sleeping ridiculously late and staying up late too (my favorite part of summer!).

We’ve spent time in the backyard and I have plans to find more ways to have fun there.

I have ideas for getting our house more organized and I’m hoping to get to that soon (including painting a few walls – YAY! I love painting!).

And it seems as though I need to take more pics.  I thought I was doing okay in that area but can’t find much so looks like I’m slacking off there. 


And finally, thanks for all the lovely comments and notes.  You guys are awesome.  I don’t like feeling so needy and pathetic but I’m feeling the hugs – keep ‘em coming!

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