Thursday, November 1, 2012


Our 2 littlest kiddos really enjoyed Halloween this year.  I think they both “got it” – wear a weird outfit and people will give you candy – woo hoo!!

Since every year we try to have a “Jack” theme, this year we did this:

10-31-12 005 10-31-12 004

(Jack looks thrilled, right?!)

I think the costumes turned out really cute.  I decided on the card theme but was hasn’t sure about how to do it.  Dasha’s teacher gave everyone in her class a paper grocery bag to decorate to wear in class and voila!  It was the perfect shape and size, and cheap too!  I bought spray paint for the bags, sparkly paper for D’s crown, a foam sheet for Jack’s hat, and a paint pen.  Andrew helped me print out the card fronts and backs and we called it done!  Here’s the backs:

10-31-12 001

Dasha had a fun party in her class:

10-29-12 049 10-29-12 047

And a few days later Jack had his class party.  Since D was out of school Jack’s teacher said she was welcome to come to his party:

10-31-12 006

10-31-12 010 10-31-12 008

Then last night we went trick-or-treating:

10-31-12 017 10-31-12 016

Enjoy guys, in a couple of days the pumpkins will be empty!

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