Monday, October 29, 2012

21 Things About Jack – 2012

1. He’s cute!

2. His favorite thing is still his blue blanket :).

3. He sleeps in his own twin bed, every night, all night.

4. He likes to be silly, and make us all laugh.

5. He still lets me use the pirate theme for lots of his clothes.

6. Jack has adjusted beautifully to kindergarten.  He likes to go, he likes his teacher(s), he likes his classmates.

7. He is finally learning to count and identify letters (upper and lowercase!).  Whew!

8. Still has NO interest in potty training :(.

9. I could look at his face all day long if he ever would sit still long enough.

10. He likes VeggieTales, SpongeBob, Toy Story, and other Disney movies, in that order.

11. He likes to read stories, and will sometimes sit and practice letter-writing with me (ie do homework).

12. He eats great – likes some veggies (that’s better than none), loves to drink milk and eats a variety of foods.

13. He knows how to open all the doors in our house that go outside.  So now we have to use door knob covers and come up with more ideas to keep him from letting himself and his sister out!

14. He still has a tendency to run when out.  He has to be holding my hand or within grabbing range at all times.  It is exhausting.

15. I love Jack’s eyes – they are a beautiful clear blue and have gorgeous lashes.

16. He’s very tenderhearted.  Jack identifies when someone is sad or hurt and wants to make it better.  So sweet.

17. Either everyone at his school wants to play it up for me, or they really do love him.  When we walk down the hall every grown-up says hi to him (by name).  When I get to talk to any of them, they tell me how cute he is, or how much they want to squeeze him.  It really warms my heart.

18. He loves his siblings and now even looks for Dasha to play with.  It cracks me up how he says “Dashlyn”.

19. Jack loves music.  We listen to the same songs on our way to his school every day and if I forget he’s quick to remind me - “Mom, music!”.  And he’s starting to sing independently.  It’s hard to tell unless you know, but he keeps singing the Happy Birthday song.  So cute.

20. Jack is a busy guy.  He likes to go downstairs with TyTy and Andrew, or go outside, or play in his room.  He still pushes matching things around sometimes, but he’s starting to use his imagination too.

21. Our whole family is so grateful he is here!  We’re all better people because of him.  We make it a point to enjoy the small things.  We take the future more seriously.  We take the present very seriously.  And we laugh waaaaay more than we would without him!

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