Monday, April 5, 2010


I'm actually pretty mad at myself. We were all cleaned up, dressed up, all together, and I forgot to have someone take a pic of us! I can't believe I blew it like that! Sheesh. We ended up going to church Sat night with Allan's relatives because they were having some special stuff happen that we wanted to celebrate with them. It was 8-11pm! Never again C!

Anyway, the next day we had a lovely, leisurely Easter, complete with egg hunt! I will admit, Jack did not give one hoot about collecting eggs. Every time he was "encouraged" to pick one up, he would very happily have thrown it across the yard if it weren't for Daddy showing him how to "throw it in the bag!". He cooperated for 4 or 5, put up with getting a few more, then found a baseball in the yard and it was all over for the eggs. Oh well, the pics look good, right?

And then, I forgot to take a pic of all the kids together with their Easter baskets. Darn it all. I usually remember that one! I have individuals that maybe I'll post later. A got an electric razor (WOO HOO!!), M got an itunes card, Ty got a t-shirt with mini skateboard, and Jack got an Elmo DVD and a frog shaped straw cup. Plus everyone had various candy items and those darn peeps. I enjoy marshmallow as much as anyone, but if I'm going to eat candy, hand over the milk chocolate baby! Yummy!

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