Saturday, May 8, 2010

Please pray for our wonderful friend Ella

When we first decided to committ to adopt Dashlyn, I was reading blogs one day and came across one where the blogger was happy the little girl she was in love with from Reece's Rainbow was getting a family, but sad that it wasn't hers. She mentioned she hoped the adopting family would keep a blog so she could follow along and see the little girl when she got home. The little girl was, of course, Dashlyn. I contacted Denise (the blogger) and told her we were going to be Dashlyn's famiy. She could not have been nicer, or more supportive. I count on Denise as one of my biggest cheerleaders, and know she is pulling for us when this adoption process becomes annoyingly tedious.

Denise has a daughter named Ella, who just turned 2. Now Ella has encountered a monster. A monster called "leukemia". It looks as though Sweet Ella Grace is going to be fighting this monster. Please go visit their blog, and give them some good thoughts and prayers. I'll be keeping track of Miss Ella, and posting updates here. Get better Ella!

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Denise said...

Julie...thanks so much for posting about Ella so we can rally the troops!!! Ella is planning to be good and healthy so she can meet Dashlyn next year!! This blog support has already made me feel stronger and I am so thankful for everyone. Looking forward to following your journey to get Dashlyn...hoping it will pass by quickly!!