Saturday, May 22, 2010

Since my Last Post...

The kids had the annual All-District Orchestra Concert. This is when every strings student in the district plays at one big concert. Of course they start with the beginning students, and work their way up to a special piece played by the Seniors. Then the last performance is a song played by everyone. So cool. Here's my 3. Only one more year of all 3 in the same concert.

Isn't Mother's Day wonderful? A whole day in which we moms get to hang out and do whatever we want. We're supposed to be pampered, shown love, showered with gifts. Me, I decided no cooking this year so I stayed out of the kitchen. Perhaps not the best idea ever. (PS - Do you see my gift in there? Me either.)

Jack learned to multi-task. (Where do kids get these ideas???)

Madelyn was escorted to her 8th grade dance by a nice young man we call Charlie. (Aren't they cute? And waaaay too grown up looking?)

And Miss Madelyn was confirmed into the Methodist church. It was a nice day, and a really nice ceremony. Of course, I forgot to take pics at church, so here we all are crammed into the front hallway. Lookie there - Charlie is in this one too, and so am I, though I usually try to avoid being in front of the camera.

And finally, Sweet Ella Grace is doing well. Go see how cute she is in the tub, and keep scrolling to see her 2 yr old pics. I can't wait to meet this little gal!

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heidi marie said...

such a beautiful family, and you look great!