Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I would feel bad about this but…..

it all comes from love, right?  Just because she’s new, it doesn’t mean we can’t giggle at Dasha like we giggle at each other.  So in that spirit, can you say “Why so serious…..”


(That was Andrew’s idea!)  And insert some clever line from the Hulk here -


(Yay Christmas cookies in Feb.!)

And this will undoubtably win me the mother of the year award.  The other day Jack and Dashlyn were playing in the kitchen.  I was keeping an ear on them and they were fine.  Until I heard the little girl yelling and I ran to see what happened to her.  I took a quick look and ran to get the camera before I “fixed” the problem (true blogger that I am!).  I was cracking up:

006 007

She wasn’t hurt, I promise!  Just really mad that she was stuck!  Have I mentioned that this girl is THE bull in the china shop?  And she’s fearless?  And so far we haven’t found a girly bone in her body??  She’s the perfect sister for Jack and I must admit, I’m getting a kick out of her spunky personality.  Of course that also means she’s the queen of messes which makes me crazy sometimes.  But she’s so stinkin’ cute!

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