Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We got snow!


And my crazy husband and daughter went out in this winter snow/ice/sleet madness to try and buy milk!  (They found some, btw.)  Madelyn took this pic out the window and I thought it was really good.  Look at the snow coming down!  Really pretty!  We’re supposed to be having a record storm and the grocery stores and even McDonalds closed this evening.  Yay midwest!

So what do we do around here on snow days??  First off, it is essential that we remain wearing pj’s all day.  Then there’s movies – today the featured presentation was “Jumanji”.  Andrew tends to spend all his time on xbox.  And the little kids have decided it’s fun to wrestle with big brother Tyler:

016 017

Dashlyn had to make an important call -


And Jackson decided to try flying lessons -


And we finished off the afternoon baking some Christmas cookies that didn’t get done in Dec. :)


Tomorrow we get to do it all again!!!

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