Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Almost too late but since it was yesterday I can still post today, right?!  Jack started with a cough over the weekend and that turned into a fever so he didn’t go to school.  We missed the school party :(.  But we sent his Valentine’s to school with Braska to drop off in his classroom so maybe he will have some when he goes back.  It would have jammie day for everyone but Dasha had speech so she and I got dressed.  Good thing because she had to wear some pink, right?  And I’ve been experimenting with hair bow making (so fun!!) so here’s our newest attempt:


As per our usual, everyone got some yummy chocolate and the kids got some little gifts (M got bed sheets poor thing!).  Dashlyn got a cute baby doll stroller/walker.


Jack sat at the table until he put his head down and I realized he was about to pass out.  Excellent mommy that I am, I forgot to give him his next dose of ibuprofen.  I gave him his medicine and let him chill on the couch while we finished dinner (complete with pink mashed potatoes).  Soon enough he perked up (that stuff is magic) and we got him to pose on the couch with D:

What should we do first?


Show off our tummies!


That was so funny!


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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

LOVE the buddah bellies! hahaha No worries, I still haven't gotten pics of my little 3 in their Valentine outfits yet! *sigh* I will though... dang it! HA!