Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Once Again, I’m Behind on my Blog

So to catch us all up, we had the annual All District Orchestra Concert for our school district.  That’s when all the orchestra students have a big concert together, and since my big 3 all play violin it’s really cool to see/hear them all together.  As usual, it was awesome!  But sad too, since it was Andrew’s last one.  I didn’t cry though!


I made it through yet another Mother’s Day :).  I was given a delicious breakfast made by my super hubby, a card signed by all the kids, and while M and I did some shopping, hubby mopped the kitchen floor for me!  Who wouldn’t love that??

After we had lunch today and I was cleaning up in the kitchen, Jackson came in, handed me the remote, and said (WITH WORDS) and signed “Signing Time” and pointed at the living room where we watch TV.  Yes, he’s said that before, and signed it before, but this was completely unprompted, and with visual aids!!  How excited was I?!?!  So did we watch?  OH YEAH!!  We lucked into an amazing deal last month when Signing Time had a sale, so now we have a bunch of DVD’s to pick from.  Jack and Dasha love to watch, and the rest of us have picked up several signs that we use all the time.  M and I used them a few days ago when we were at Wal Mart and didn’t want to yell at each other across the store ;).

Next up, graduation.  Lord help me.  It’s seriously killing me that my baby will be done with all 12 grades and going to college.  Some days I can’t breathe.  Where did the time go??  When did he get so big, and smart, and handsome??  He shaves.  He drives.  When he answers the phone people think he’s his dad.  Very soon he’ll be gone, out of our house, living far away.  How I will miss him….

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