Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jack went to a birthday party!

We got the invite a few weeks ago. It was from one of his school friends, a typical child, so I wasn't sure how he would do. His teacher said every little boy in class was invited. But we went. It was at a kids' gym, so there were things to hang on and roll down and jump over. (I will edit this to post pics after I get them uploaded.) But Jack. did. AWESOME. I was so proud. He hung and rolled and jumped just like everyone else. They did a circle activity where they held a scarf and ran around in a circle and stood on it and waved it up in the air and by golly he did it all. He was slower to do it, and watched everyone else for a second before he did, but he did it. I had to herd him when it was time to transition from one activity to another, so it was kind of nice that I got to see how he responded (I'm thinking IEP info here). They sat at a table and had cake. It was served with a spoon. He cried when he had trouble with the spoon. I said to one concerned looking parent next to me "I think he would do better with a fork". BAM, a fork appeared! And he did great with it. They served pizza (yes, after the cake). And his piece was too big for him to hold so again, fussing. I switched it with a smaller piece he could hold, and he smiled so big. And ate his pizza. He drank lemonade out of an open cup and he threw away his trash when he was done without any promting from me! He said thank you when given his goodie bag. And said bye to his friend.

He was the only child with any special need there.

It was an awesome party!

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