Monday, May 9, 2011

What happens when it hails

We have a tiny house.  We’re comfortable here, and we’ve done lots of updating.  Of course I have along ways to go, sorting and getting rid of unused things, and organizing in a better way, but we do love our little piece of the world.  And our cars!  Our little house was blessed with a lovely, large, oversize garage.  M and I were rear-ended about 6 weeks ago, did I mention that?  The other driver’s insurance fixed our beloved ride so even though it’s now 7 years old, it’s as good as new :).  And my someday fully restored classic Camaro also deserves plenty of love.  So when the weather got ugly and hail was threatened, we had to take drastic measures.




Unfortunately, the car didn’t quite fit all the way in, so we improvised with cardboard, fender protectors, and swim noodles!

Thankfully, the weather seems to have moved past the spring craziness (hopefully) and we don’t need to worry about hail anymore ‘til next year.  

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