Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Baby is a High School Graduate!

We haven’t had the party yet.  And I still have to get a good picture taken of him.  But it happened – the graduation ceremony at the high school.

On his way out the door -


He’s in the middle -


And here are a few of the boys -


Our crew that will be partying together -


These 3 are super special – they started kindergarten together, all us moms were friends for awhile, and now they are headed in different directions.  This is quite possibly the last time all 3 will be together.  I’m so proud of them, but my heart hurts at the thought that this time of Andrew’s life is over.


And here are the 2 who’s laughter was completely infectious and who’s jokes and general conversations keep me endlessly entertained.  I will miss the 2 of them together as much as I miss my best friend from high school, who still (thank you God) is my sounding board for all aspects of my life even though we now live 600 miles apart and it’s not the same.  Good luck in everything you do Tony!


We had a little, casual celebration at home, with Andrew opening his cards and everyone eating lots of dessert :)

150 152

Congratulations my firstborn.  Your dad and I cannot express how proud we are of you and everything your future holds.  You already have more common sense than many adults we know.  You’re becoming responsible and self-reliant.  And c’mon – a 34 on your ACT?!?!  Who gets that?!  Love you so much!!!!

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