Friday, July 8, 2011

2 exciting meet-ups

And unfortunately, my pictures are not so great. 

First off, my kiddos and I got to hang out with Braska and her mom, RK and her sister Kinlee.  Not so unusual, right?  But this time the Loraine family was there (including newest member Oksana, home from Ukraine about a year now) and the Stumbo family (with former Ukrainian Nina, home for about a year and a half).  We met at an indoor play place where the kids (and the grown-ups) had lots of fun!  Of course we forgot to line up our little former orphans for a pic, but I do have one from meet-up #2, which you’ll have to wait for!  But here’s what I did get:

Dasha loved the slide :)


Jack loved all of it!


And they both loved Nina’s walker!!


The next day we had meet-up #2 with guess who?  Well, besides RK and her girls, the Loraines and Stumbos again, and my awesome friend Adrienne, we caught the Garcia's on their way to their new home in CO from TN.  It was my first time meeting up with the famous Kennedy and family :).  The kids are just as cute in person as they are in cyberspace and Kassidy is just as sweet!  Again, my camera readiness was sadly lacking so not a lot of great pics but I did get a few:

Moms – Renee, Adrienne, Ellen, RK, Erin, and me.


All 4 adopted Ukrainian princesses – Oksana, Kellsey, Dashlyn, and Nina.


And my sweet Jackson (trying to stay out of the girlie pic!).


If I can get pics from some of the other moms I’ll try to post again!

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