Saturday, July 2, 2011

Awesome, cool, must-see blog post

No, not mine!  (Though it would be cool if it was mine.)  No, this post was written by a new friend, Tammy, whose daughter Joy wrote and sings a beautiful song.  The link was sent to me by another friend, Cindy.  I know Cindy IRL (in real life), and Cindy knows we adopted Dashlyn and how our hearts have changed since we learned about these sweet orphans.  So she sent the link and I went to check it out and was so moved I wrote to Tammy to ask if I could share her daughter’s song with all of you.  She was so generous and said “yes! please do!”.  So here ya go – click HERE to hear the song &/or read the words.  And don’t be surprised if you enjoy the rest of Tammy’s blog as well!

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