Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Don’t Think Dr. Suess Had This in Mind…

Even though it IS cute -

014 015


We had our local Ds group playdate this morning and I got to break out these cute shirts I bought last summer.  There were 2 more “Things” at the playdate – can you guess who they were?  Maybe I’ll get pics of them too.  If not I’m thinking we’ll be  getting all the Things together soon for a big photo shoot before they all grow out of their shirts!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Almost too late but since it was yesterday I can still post today, right?!  Jack started with a cough over the weekend and that turned into a fever so he didn’t go to school.  We missed the school party :(.  But we sent his Valentine’s to school with Braska to drop off in his classroom so maybe he will have some when he goes back.  It would have jammie day for everyone but Dasha had speech so she and I got dressed.  Good thing because she had to wear some pink, right?  And I’ve been experimenting with hair bow making (so fun!!) so here’s our newest attempt:


As per our usual, everyone got some yummy chocolate and the kids got some little gifts (M got bed sheets poor thing!).  Dashlyn got a cute baby doll stroller/walker.


Jack sat at the table until he put his head down and I realized he was about to pass out.  Excellent mommy that I am, I forgot to give him his next dose of ibuprofen.  I gave him his medicine and let him chill on the couch while we finished dinner (complete with pink mashed potatoes).  Soon enough he perked up (that stuff is magic) and we got him to pose on the couch with D:

What should we do first?


Show off our tummies!


That was so funny!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


Every so often our neighbor Linda decides it’s baking day.  Since she and her husband don’t want to eat most of an entire cake or batch of cookies, she sends the rest over here to us.  Terrible, right?  I mean, YUM!  Today, it was cupcakes with pink icing and Valentine’s sprinkles.  Guess who enjoyed her very first cupcake today??

011 013

I wish we had thought to take a picture of her face!  I think she ended up wearing as much icing as eating it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I would feel bad about this but…..

it all comes from love, right?  Just because she’s new, it doesn’t mean we can’t giggle at Dasha like we giggle at each other.  So in that spirit, can you say “Why so serious…..”


(That was Andrew’s idea!)  And insert some clever line from the Hulk here -


(Yay Christmas cookies in Feb.!)

And this will undoubtably win me the mother of the year award.  The other day Jack and Dashlyn were playing in the kitchen.  I was keeping an ear on them and they were fine.  Until I heard the little girl yelling and I ran to see what happened to her.  I took a quick look and ran to get the camera before I “fixed” the problem (true blogger that I am!).  I was cracking up:

006 007

She wasn’t hurt, I promise!  Just really mad that she was stuck!  Have I mentioned that this girl is THE bull in the china shop?  And she’s fearless?  And so far we haven’t found a girly bone in her body??  She’s the perfect sister for Jack and I must admit, I’m getting a kick out of her spunky personality.  Of course that also means she’s the queen of messes which makes me crazy sometimes.  But she’s so stinkin’ cute!

We got snow!


And my crazy husband and daughter went out in this winter snow/ice/sleet madness to try and buy milk!  (They found some, btw.)  Madelyn took this pic out the window and I thought it was really good.  Look at the snow coming down!  Really pretty!  We’re supposed to be having a record storm and the grocery stores and even McDonalds closed this evening.  Yay midwest!

So what do we do around here on snow days??  First off, it is essential that we remain wearing pj’s all day.  Then there’s movies – today the featured presentation was “Jumanji”.  Andrew tends to spend all his time on xbox.  And the little kids have decided it’s fun to wrestle with big brother Tyler:

016 017

Dashlyn had to make an important call -


And Jackson decided to try flying lessons -


And we finished off the afternoon baking some Christmas cookies that didn’t get done in Dec. :)


Tomorrow we get to do it all again!!!