Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First, the grateful list:
1. Jack's PT. She's wonderful. He always does amazing stuff for her. (Ex. He's been cruising, but he really did it well while she was here today.)
2. Everyone got up on time this morning! That is HUGE!!!
3. My husband made dinner. YAY!
4. Have I mentioned my son, Jackson? I can't even believe how much I love him!

Which brings me to part 2. I've wanted to write some stuff about Jack. Down Syndrome is a part of our lives now. And so what?! He's absolutely a joy. He loves us, smiles, laughs, & plays. Every time he goes down for a nap I rock him to sleep and thank god for him the whole time. Sometimes I look at him and think about how that ONE extra chromasome affects his whole self but he's so dang NORMAL! His little heart beats, his fingers grab, his eyes look around, and his lungs bring air in and out - just like the rest of us! I'm really enjoying this little guy. He's like my bonus kid; I loved being a mom to the others so much and really thought they were it. I'm so loving this extra chance. So for now, he's just a baby who wants badly to walk and eats or destroys everything we don't put away! LOVE IT!!!

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