Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who Doesn't Need A TV?

I have been thinking of things I'm grateful for; just haven't been posting them! But for today, here's a few:

1. My mom finally went to the dr and now knows what's wrong with her hip.
2. My kids don't have school tomorrow!
3. I love watching Jack examining things.
4. My hubby made dinner again!

Our tv went out last Thurs. Today is Sun. We are going nuts! Who knew we were that dependant?! Apparently, I like to have it on all day as background noise. I knew that I really only watched a couple of actual shows but I miss it. We're trying to decide what to do about it now. By a new one? Get a flat panel? Do nothing? (That's my husband's favorite option.)

The other things on my mind today? I owe my friend Lori a big phone call. I have GOT to finish putting away these Christmas decorations. And, as usual, my house is a mess and needs to be cleaned up. (I keep thinking a localized fire would do the trick but I'd need about 5 of them!) Also, our wonderful OT would like me to get Jack off the bottle completely, but he really has no interest in drinking if it comes out of a cup. So, do I let him dehydrate? Or just keep the bottle (he only gets it twice a day anyway)? Who knows? Someday, I will not have this stress and then I will miss my kids soooooo much!

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