Monday, July 7, 2008

this blog

Okay, I started this blog with the idea that it would be sort of a diary for my family. You know, a place where out of town family and friends could check in and see Jack's progress and what our family is up to. I guess that's still it's function but it also seems to be turning into a venting place for me too. Maybe vent isn't exactly the right word. A place for my thoughts maybe? Here's a few:

What am I grateful for today?
1. Johnny Depp. 'nuf said.
2. Fireworks!
3. My kids - always, my kids.
4. Sending time with Jack. I love watching him play. You can see him taking it all in. Love it. And I still rock him to sleep, most of the time. I love watching his little eyes get sleepier and sleepier, and feeling his little body just get more and more relaxed 'til he's snoozing! Yes, he would probably fall asleep on his own, yes, I'm setting myself up for a problem, but it's the best way to end the day. I'm addicted to him and he's getting more active and less cuddly when he's awake. So, there you have it.

Don't forget to check in on Miss Kennedy and Miss Emma (the buttons on the left, remember?). Kennedy got through her surgery and she's been up and playing a bit! She's amazing. And Emma just keep thriving, despite the doom and gloom her drs first predicted.

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