Monday, March 16, 2009

I went to a really cool conference!

It was a Hearts At Home conference, held every year in Normal, IL. This should have been my 7th one, but I missed one the year after Jack was born and had his open heart surgery. It's a terrific gathering of women, mostly Christian and pretty much all moms. They share parenting stories, sweet ones, and scary ones, and there are workshops to go to on MANY different topics. Parenting, marriage, spirituality. It's a time to go to dinner and not feed anyone else, go to bed without putting someone else to bed first, and take a shower and go to the bathroom ALONE!! It was wonderful.

Jack had school again today and when I got there to pick him up his teacher said he had a great day! First one without any tears and they didn't even have to get out the blankie! He's getting big :(. Not that I want him to be sad; I'm just already starting to mourn the loss of his babyhood. It goes so fast. After the other 3, I was telling someone the other day that it really is nice to have him go a little slower, so I can enjoy him a little longer before all he wants to do is run away from me. I can see it coming.

This next part is just for me. A to-do list , of stuff that needs to get done or at least started this week.
-finish those darn taxes
-make an eye appt for M
-make an eye appt for Jack, and maybe a check-up too
-clean off surfaces in the LR, then clean out the room
-start gathering up stuff to donate (shoot for 10 bags)
-gather toys Jack has outgrown, and decide what to do with them
-check on paying bills
-buy shorts for Jack

That's good for now. I think I'll keep this list and add and subtract to it as I go. Maybe I should make it it's own post. hmmmm

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heidi marie said...

i'm glad you got away for a bit and experienced a nice time at the conference. and i only have one thing to say about your to-do list. errrrrrrrr....only because it reminds me of all the junk i need to do but don't want to