Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Milestone Birthday

On Wed, my beautiful, sweet, baby girl turned 13! I can't even believe it! Birthdays are usually emotional for me anyway - it makes me sad how quickly my babies are growing up and away from me - but 13! It takes my breath away how fast the time has flown and how very grown up she's getting. Since the kids are on Spring Break, we went out of town to my parents for a few days to visit, and on Madelyn's actual birthday, we went out to lunch, she opened a few presents, and we enjoyed cake purchased by my mom (she loves to buy cake so M's b-day was a great excuse!). Today (Sat) we're getting ready for the actual party. She likes things simple, so she invited a couple of friends to go skating and then 3 girls are going to spend the night. It's going to be fun! Here's my beautiful girl (even though when I look at her, I still see the little baby she used to be):

If I didn't have to scan it, I'd post a pic of her as a baby. I'll do that someday!

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