Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday was a Special Day

It was the anniversary of the day I went to live with my parents! I was 5 wks old, and weighed less than most of my kids I've given birth too! The adoption was completed almost a year and a half later. Every year, I get to celebrate my birthday, AND my adoption day! Yay for me!

I got to go to an all-day crop on Sat to benefit the place Jack goes to "school". (BTW, that's going better. He takes his little blankie and holds it when he gets a little sad. His teacher yesterday said he had a good day and didn't need the blankie as much. I still miss him, but it's not too much time and I try to go to the store or get coffee with a friend so it's okay.) It was lots of fun! I won a pretty little blue tote with stickers in it, and got several pages done. Well, done according to Julie. No journaling. I figure I can do that part at home! (yeah right)

I've been playing M's Nintendo DS lite a bunch lately. So much that I'm thinking of buying myself one! Maybe a used one since they're not cheap and I don't have a bunch of $$. When's the next gift getting occasion? Mother's Day! That's it! After 15 years of no present, that's what I want! Time to shop for games!

I'll have new pics of Jack to post after I get them from Braska's mom! Went to dinner with her last night. Her dh couldn't come, so she was in charge of herself, Braska, cute little still-new Kinlee, and still found time to take pics of Jack! It was great - we went to Golden Corral and ate lots of coconut shrimp!

More updates - Andrew started track and field practice and ended the first week with a barbeque. He came home that day and when we were discussing dinner, he said, "well I ate 5 hotdogs but I could eat" which cracked me up. 15 year old boys - who knew I'd so enjoy having one for a son?! M is getting ready for her first dance at her school. It's after school so no big deal but still. Ty still won't get a haircut but I don't really care. He will someday.

Here's a pic of Cap'n Jack in his piratey eye patch!

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RK said...

Glad I got to have some Adoption Day coffee with ya! :)