Thursday, March 19, 2009

Small Things Mean A Lot

Today was a red letter day for Jack. Nothing major happened, but a few little things did. When I got him up this morning, we sat down in the rocker in his room for a minute because he looked kinda sleepy still. He looked over and started signing "shoes". So I looked and sure enough, there sat his little shoes! Now, this is a big deal because Jack's communication skills are lacking. We know he's taking it all in, and he's been repeating signs after us, and responding with a sign if we ask him stuff, but he's not initiated any communication yet. The closest thing before this was when the dog would bark, Jack would sign "dog". Which totally counts, but she barks first, and this morning he just saw the shoes (who were sitting there quietly) and signed. Of course I was totally thrilled and we clapped and clapped!

He's also been more interested in OT type activities lately. It frustrates the PT, but I keep telling her she had her turn several months in a row when Jack wanted nothing to do with coloring, and stacking blocks, and stringing beads, and all those other fine motor type things his OT wanted to do. So now he throws a fit when the PT wants him to do stuff she wants him to do. If it was his idea, he'd be all over it! So today we spent lots of time poking stands of beads into slits cut in a plastic container and pulling them out again. I mean, lots of time!

And there's the utensil usage. Jack is more willing to use a fork the past few days. Usually, I stab the food with the fork, then give it to him to put the food in his mouth. Occasionally, he will try to stab the food himself, but it's tricky because if I give him the whole plate he might grab all the food at once and stuff it in his mouth. (We're working on that too.) And I'm more reluctant to try with the spoon because there are only so many messes I want to clean up in a day LOL. So today we had a great lunch, with Jack doing lots of hot dog bits stabbing!

I love this boy!

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