Friday, April 3, 2009

What a smart boy I have!

I think I mentioned before how Jack's communication is starting to pick up. He's beginning to name or recognize things without prompting and starting to use more signs (learning them and using them). So today, I went to the store with a friend and we were chatting away and I look down at Jack sitting in the cart and he's singing "shoes". So I laugh and say "I didn't say shoes, I said issues........oh my gosh, that was shoes!" and then he pointed and sure enough, we were right by the shoe section! Then at lunch, he told the waitress "milk"! When Allan got home from work, Jack looked over and signed "Daddy" (and we just started working on mommy and daddy on Mon)! And the coup des gras; he was drinking from his cup this evening and when it got empty, he handed it to me and signed "all done"! It was an amazing day!

Also, last weekend, my amazing boy started climbing up on the couch, the recliner, whatever he can get a leg up on. It's exciting, but kind of a pain too. Now I have to pay extra attention to where he is! Of course, he gets off the couch, etc. too, which is sort of funny because he slides himself down. I keep thinking how much I enjoy this boy, and I'm kind of glad he's going a little slower. EVERY little thing he learns (and all the big things) we celebrate in a BIG way! He's sooo much fun!!


heidi marie said...

how awesome!!! it's amazing how a child's development goes in spurts. out of nowhere they are doing a whole bunch of things they were never doing before. keep up the good work jack!!

AngieW said...

I also feel glad some times that my little guy (just turned 1)is developing a little slower. He is just starting to crawl, and now I have to watch him so much closer. We have been working on signs too, and waving bye, but so far we have not seen him do any back to us. It is great to hear that Jack is learning and using signs new signs. Way to go Jack!