Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want a new house.

Not because I don't like the one we live in now. On the contrary, I LOVE this house. It's our home, in every sense of the word. Allan and I bought it and lived here as a newly married couple. All our kids came here after they were born. Since we moved in, we've taken most it down to the studs and re-did everything; drywall, electrical wiring, plumbing, new bathrooms and kitchen, and certainly lots of paint. We've celebrated every occasion and holiday here. We all love this house. It's just that, the kids are getting bigger and more space would be great. I started thinking about this a couple of years ago, thinking if we moved then, it would still feel like home to the bigger kids, even though they wouldn't be in the new house as long before they go off to have their own lives, and they would be comfortable coming home on vacations and holidays. But after this school year, Andrew has only 2 years of high school left. That's not enough time. My parents moved a couple of years after I got married. They've moved a couple of times. They've been in the house they live in for almost 9 years now. And I still feel like a guest when we go there. It's not home. I don't want to do that to my kids. I know there's no guarantee for what the future holds. But I've wanted for the last few years to have a house big enough for the kids to come home for Christmas in 20 years with spouses and babies and it won't be here. I found the perfect house, but someone else bought it first. I'm keeping my eyes on it though.

Tonight Jack came to me in the living room and got my attention, and signed "milk". So I got up and took his little hand and we went into the kitchen and got his cup of milk. Yep, that's what he wanted! So he told me that he wanted a drink! How cool is that?!


RK said...

The perfect house better be right around here close...dems da rules!

Julie said...

Technically, the perfect house is CLOSER to you! How's that?!

heidi marie said...

it's amazing how small a house can get when you add just one kid. baby gear/toys everywhere. the worst part. in texas houses don't have basements or much of an attic. not that i'm a packed rat anyway, but it's keeping me in line.

and definately cool about the signing!!