Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Went Camping!

YAY! And the weather was beautiful! (Well, actually we thought it was hot but that's only because the temps here went from the 60's to the 80's last weekend. Today, back to the upper 60's.) Allan took off work a little early so we got a nice early start on Fri, and had a lovely campfire on Fri and Sat. Jack did really well. I was worried about containing him but he was mostly happy staying near us and going where we went. There was a concrete pad that the picnic table sat on and it was raised a bit, not as high as a step, but probably 2-4 inches. Jack walked around and around and up onto the pad, and off, again and again and again. He fell several times but just kept getting up and going. What a trooper!

When we got there, we noticed our skylight covers (or whatever you call those things) were completely busted, like large chunks of the plastic were missing. So Allan got up on the roof to cover the holes with duct tape and of course, he had company :)

Jack had a great time when we went for a walk. Twice he fell asleep in the stroller! So we left him, 'cause he seemed comfy enough!

And when we were getting dinner so we could have a campfire later, Al sat Jack in one of the chairs hoping he'd sit still for a minute and he sat here (I swear) for 45 mins! He'd wave when we talked to him!

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RK said...

Oh my goodness, those pics are even better than I imagined when you told me the story of him sitting in the chair. He rocks!