Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween '09

It was much more fun than I thought it would be. We'd had so much rain the entire month of Oct. I just KNEW trick-or-treating would get rained out. I was gloriously, wonderfully, wrong. After days and days of rain, Sat morning the beautiful sun came shining out! It was a lovely day, a little cool but who cared?! M organized several of her friends to go trick-or-treating together. They were all going to meet here and go out, then 2 of the girls were going to spend the night but everyone else was going home after. Turned out, 6 girls spent the night here and 2 boys were here until almost midnight! I was getting ready to drive them home myself but one of their mom's came and got them. There was giggling, music, and noise all night. So much fun! Even my big boy got a mask and ran around with his buddies having Halloween fun until late. I still don't have pics of my kids together, but here's a group shot (can you find Jack in there?):

Here's another of Jack-

His favorite thing about trick-or-treat was running down the street away from mom and dad! I need to take a better one before we put all the Halloween stuff away. Can you tell what he was? Let's see, there was a beanstalk on his stroller. More on that later.

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Monica Crumley said...

Darling hat! I love the Jack and the Beanstalk idea. At first I thought he was a Peter Pan kinda guy, but I totally get it. Great costumes all around.