Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post Party Wrap-up

We celebrated Jack's birthday with a little party. Just his grandparents and us. We got a little cake and had lots of fun watching him play. His favorite present was a Little People school bus.

We sat Jack in front of the cake and took a lovely pic. Then, as I turned to grab the video camera, Jack decided to feel the candle flame. Yes, feel it. This is what he looked like after that:

Now go back and click on those photos so you can see it up close. Too cute! Actually, right away he was sad and we cheered him up and this is the face we got when we re-lit the candle. And I am such a good mommy that instead of sitting with him and telling him it's okay and that kind of stuff, I made sure to grab my camera and take pics of this amazing sad face!! But it's okay, he cheered up again and clapped and smiled for the real cake photo:

And then I have to post this one just 'cause it's kinda neat!


Karyn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!! I too love the photos - the sad ones are just a great shot (I would have gotten my camera out for that too).

RK said...

That kid just plain rocks, sad OR happy! :)

ds.mama said...

Awww, Jack, you have the cutest pout ever!