Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Football, football, football

Hey, guess what season it is! That's right. The Warriors are on the field! And we have beautiful new astroturf for the guys to play on this year. I walked on it and it's actually pretty soft. Andrew says it's like falling into a pillow (which cracks me up 'cause he's getting down there in such a violent manner!). He's playing right tackle this year for the Varsity team, and right or left tackle or guard for the JV team. He's one of the guys that the coaches asked to play down as well as play on Varsity. He had already told me that all the offensive line are returning starters so he was bummed he wouldn't get to play as much, then he called and said he'd be playing JV as well so I'm pretty happy about it. We'll see how happy he is playing 2 games a week! Pics soon!

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