Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tongue Pic!

It actually looks pretty good in this one! On Thurs, it was really red and angry looking. It's healing up well. Thanks for all your good wishes!


RK said...

Holy cow! That's way more icky than I pictured! Owwwwwww!

datri said...

Ouch, poor baby!

Hua said...

Hello Julie,

Ouch! This looks hurt! Good thing it's heeling up!

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heidi marie said...

okay. seriously i cringe looking at this. i feel so bad for jack. i don't know how he didn't scream for hours...i would have. i'm so sorry. but i did have a great time meeting all of you. you are my kind of people! we will have to hang out again soon. i definitly want to make stl ds friends because chances are one day we will be moving back to our families. i hope jack's tongue is much better now. i can not believe that happened. he must be a boy of steal...he didn't even cry that long...seriously?! poor baby...

Karien Prinlsoo said...

Hi Julie- found you through downsyn. This pic of Jack's tongue looks so familiar! Kallen bit right through his about a year ago. I nearly fainted when I saw it the next day.It took 7 weeks to heal...and to top that he did it again but not as bad. We learned to tell him: "lips closed " and that helped.
Jack looks more and more likde his older brother