Sunday, September 6, 2009

Head Injury (ies)

Head injury #1 - Andrew got clocked at practice. Yep, practice. No concussion says the trainor but his head hurts every time he runs or anything. So he's been recovering since Wed. Hopefully, he will get to play again by the end of the week.

Head injury #2 - We got to meet some on-line friends (more on that later). During the visit, Jack got a sweet hug from our buddy Braska. The problem was both of them went tumbling down the hill in the course of the hug (there was no bucket of water involved. You know - Jack 'n Jill went up the hill, blah, blah, blah?). You could see the panic as they went over. They took out a small pretty shrub and landed on some lovely purple flowers. Both of them were less than happy at this point. But after some hugs from mommies and reassurances that all was well, they recovered and went to play quite nicely. Later on, Jack decided to try to run at me, but I was on the other side of some very sturdy patio chairs, and he smacked into a chair instead. When I picked him up, there was blood. Not a bunch at first, but the volume picked up really quickly. So I wrestled him onto the floor and pried his little mouth open to see where it was coming from - no loose teeth, no bit lip, no discernible tongue injury, hmmmm. Blood all over him, a little on me, but no apparent injury. Curious. So we got him cleaned up and cheered up, and decided to head for home before someone broke a leg! That night Tyler got Jack to stick his tongue out by sticking his out at Jack first, and we saw it. The wound. A big, gaping, jagged cut toward the center of his poor little tongue, made by some sharp upper teeth. When Jack sticks his tongue out flat it just looks like a jagged cut. If he rolls his tongue a bit, you can see it gap open and wow, is that yucky! You can almost but not quite fit a pencil eraser in it. At first he wouldn't eat much, but by Sat he was eating pretty normally. Our nurse neighbor says they wouldn't stitch it because mouths are dirty and they wouldn't want to trap germs in it, so keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't start looking worse, or interferring with his breathing, or if he stops eating. There's little to no chance of getting a pic of it, but I'll keep trying! Just what you want to see, right?!

So keep good thoughts for the recovery of my boys! Andrew will be heart broken if football is over for him already.


Ria said...

Oh my! Sorry to hear about Jack's tongue. I hope it heals fast. I think the tongue supposedly heals fast but I don't know that for a fact.

Monica Crumley said...

Oh, poor little guys! Heads and tongues, ouch. Yes, I think tongues heal fast. My MIL works in the ER and she makes people take their tongue rings out and they get mad at her because the holes close up. LOL!