Monday, January 25, 2010

Better, but not best

As I type, Jack is here on my lap just as he's been for the past 8 days. He's lost weight and has had NO energy at all. He's still coughing and snotty, but today my little man had enough energy to sit on the floor and play with toys for 15 mins before wobbling back over to me, blankie in hand, ready to sit again. And now he's talking to the screen, and when I said "do you want to say hi?" he waved at the computer! Such a sweetie. :) He's finally showing signs of life again! I did call and tell his teacher I'm planning to keep him home this whole week, to give him more time to recover. Who knows - maybe he'll stay home next week too, depending on his energy level. School takes A LOT of energy. In the meantime, we can do flashcards and work on signs here at home. I'm just happy to see some improvement.


gillian said...

Hey Julie, so sorry Jack's been sick. Yuck. We've been fighting stuff too and I can totally identify with your writing, playing a bit and then coming back to sit on your lap. That's kind of where Polly's been too.

Prayers that it's really going for good.

Monica Crumley said...

Awww, hi Jack. I wish I could see your wave :-) We're waving back... Sorry you've been so sick... it's not fun at all. Get better soon.

heidi marie said...

poor little guy, i hope he's back to 100% asap. it takes them just so long to get over being sick. henry's a little under the weather right now, too. but he sure is a lot more cuddly when he's sick, which i kind of like ;)