Sunday, January 24, 2010

Missed it by that much....

(Anyone else a Get Smart fan?)

So yesterday was the anniversary of Jack's open heart surgery. I wrote a post about it last year, click here to read it, because I could have written it today. This is a day that is nearly as important to me as the day he was born. It was the day his life began, again. In my last post, I included a couple of pics of Jack on the day of his surgery, and then 2 days later when he was moved from PICU down to a regular room (exciting day). I promised more pics and never added them, so here they are:

Here's Jack 4 days after surgery, right after getting rid of all the wires that had been stuck to him and before we took him home.

This pic is one week and 2 days after surgery, before the steri-strips had fallen off.

And this is 3 days after that, less than 2 weeks after his poor little chest was cut open, his sternum cracked open, and his heart held in the hand of the surgeon. Amazing.

And here is the most recent pic I could find of Jack's shirtless chest.

Looks good huh? I could look at that face allllll day!

And he's finally feeling better today too. Still coughing but the fever has broken! He wa trying to walk around a bit and sice he really hasn't for the past week - he was sooo wobbly! This coming week is gonna be another week off for recovery I'm thinkin'.

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Ria said...

What a trooper! What a guy!!