Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ready for school??

Today is Sunday. 2 weeks ago, Jack was sporting an ugly fever, was coughing, and had a snotty nose. 1 week ago, the fever was finally gone but our poor boy was still sick, tired, lethargic, and still not eating. Last Thursday, he ate breakfast! And then lunch! And dinner! It was a miracle! So I'm trying to decide if he should go back to school tomorrow. We've never had an illness that lasted that long and the last thing I want to do is send him back to the land of germs. I know he has to go back eventually. I'm considering keeping him home the 2 days that are "big" class days when kids with special needs AND typically developing kids go, and letting hime go the 2 days when it's just sn kids. These past 2 weeks being off school has really only confirmed for me that I hate him going to school at 3 years old. Everyone said oh it'l be great! He'll learn so much! He'll make friends! Well, the reality is it's waaaay more work for me to get him there on time in the morning, I'm hating the germs, his little hands and face are chapped all the time, and it was nice to hang with him and get something done at home.

So, what do I do? Send him all week? Or only "small" class days? Help!!

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RK said...

I much as I'm all for B having fun at school and getting her therapies. I'm loving the ease of getting up in the morning at a leisurely pace. It has made me ponder the thought of the bus possibility, I must admit.

She is not going tomorrow. She might go on Tues. She's not going on Weds because it's Jace's surgery day, and she'll probably go on Thurs. FYI. :o)