Friday, October 14, 2011

Ds fact for today

ds fact for today: ds has several physical characteristics that can include low muscle tone, flatter nasal bridge than usual, a bit of a slant &/or extra folds of skin at the corners of the eyes, smaller, low-set ears, and a large gap between the big toe and the other toes. This is not a comprehensive list, nor does a baby have to have all of these features. Also there is no correlation between physical features and mental comprehension. Since there is pretty much always some degree of mental retardation (which only means the person probably has some delay in learning skills), this is important to remember.

Jack has always had better gross motor skills than speech/language. He uses several signs and now has many words that he uses and I think other people can understand him too.

Dasha seems to be following along Jack's footsteps. She's stronger in gross motor but right now she has NO words. She makes sounds and sometimes they are very purposeful - she's trying to repeat what we are saying but it doesn't come out just right. She understands pretty much everything we say to her though, and she has several signs that she uses (more, drink, all done, book, bath, go school).

The important thing is, both of them are growing, learning (in their own time), and healthy!

And a blast from the past:

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