Monday, October 3, 2011

What can kids with Ds do??

Well, let's see.....

(Clearly, this will be a partial list only. There's no way I could ever cover an entire list! But I am going to come up with 21 things about each of my cuties with Ds during this month, so this will be a little start.)

Dasha loves to "read" books. Hopefully she'll do it on her own some day. I'll probably be in trouble for posting this pic, but she loves her grandma too and I thought it was sweet.

Dasha is also learning signs, loves to swing, and RUN while holding someone's hand, she wrestles with her brothers, and she gets really excited to go to school each day.

Jack is learning to use the computer! He asks for this web series called Bunny Bop. He loves to watch videos on youtube sometimes too, especially Laurie Berkner and Veggie Tales songs. He can even hit the play button to start them over!

Jack plays with the dog, has excellent ab strength, loves Elmo, can use a fork and spoon, and gives super duper hugs and kisses! (He loves to kiss "owies". The other day I tripped on something walking into the kitchen and said "OW!!" really loud. He ran in and gave me such a nice smooch on my foot. It was the sweetest thing!)

Both kids love watching Signing Time videos, eating cheerios for snacks, removing the bookmark from anyone's book left unattended, and pushing doll strollers around as fast as they can!

And both are loved so very much!


Ellen Stumbo said...

Yes, Jack does give the best hugs!

Julie said...

Yes, Ellen - you would certainly know!

(And I think it's so awesome that you do!)

RK said...

Remember to include the ability to disappear in a split second from the spot where you left them. They're speedy little magicians! *poof* :o)

Oh, and D has enough charm in her little finger to make anyone pick her up at the first pleading face and chubby hands reaching upward!

Julie said...

Sorry about that little run across the parking lot you got to enjoy RK ;). I'll add those to the list!

Rosa Maria said...

Hey, Tommy likes to watch signing time, too. He gets mad at me when I turn the TV off because he wants to keep watching signing time. We should have a signing time day with our kids. We can plan it on October 16th.

Julie said...

Rosa - great idea!