Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jack and Dasha’s sibs

Fact About Down Syndrome : In a recent study by Brian Skotko, M.D. it was found that among siblings ages 12 and older, 97 percent expressed feelings of pride about their brother or sister with Down syndrome and 88 percent were convinced they were better people because of their sibling with Down syndrome.

Pretty cool, I think.  So far, my oldest 3 seem to enjoy their little siblings.  Madelyn wants to show them off all the time.  All of them come home from school or wherever and greet them and carry them around and play with them.  And if any of the older 3 sit down, forget it!  There’s a little person on or right next to them!  So precious!





Andrew seems to be a preferred target.  He’s the sturdiest and has the most “holding” space!  All he has to do is remain in one spot for more than 3 seconds and see what happens??  I love it!!

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Rosa Maria said...

Priceless! What lucky mom you are. Your kids are adorable.