Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a widely known fact that when mothers are told the babies they are carrying have Ds, most of them terminate. A statistic I hear/see over and over again is 90%. 9 out of 10 women eliminate the baby they are carrying. To me, that is shocking. I also hear that it is very common for most ob's to encourage this termination, often citing out-of-date or incorrect information about what such a baby would be like.

I was lucky. My Dr gave me the news and told me I had "options" if I cared to discuss them. I did not. If you want to go back and read about how we foud out that Jack would have Down syndrome, go here. My Dr got me in touch with the Down syndrome Association and said "okay, then we will treat this pregnancy as any other unless we learn we have some other health concerns". And we did. We laughed about my weight gain, and how active Jack was, and took bets on my measurements at each visit. He's an awesome Dr and I am grateful he took care of us until Jack was born.

I want to feel sad for these other moms. Clearly I should; they are missing out. Ds has brought much joy into my life and I am grateful. But I am mostly angry and irritated at them. I hope to become more enlightened and forgiving at some point. I have some amazing friends who are leading me that direction but I'm not quite there yet.

I mean, look what they are missing out on:

3 days old and I was already head over heels in love.

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This is a beautiful post - thank you for sharing it.