Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Poor Jack isn’t feeling so great

I was going to say that Jack isn’t feeling so hot but of course that is exactly the problem – he is hot.  Right around 104, says the thermometer.  This started on Sat.  Jack felt a little warm and was much less busy than usual.  Sun he seemed fine.  Mon morning, a little warm again.  No actual fever, but he was just not himself.  Today, Wed, he felt warm again but no actual fever and coughing.  I’ve had a heckuva headache all day so after Jack got up from nap he and I were hanging out in the recliner.  Just before dinner I felt his head again.  HOT.  I forced some ibuprofen into him and he’s drowsing here next to me in my bed (we put Daddy in charge and escaped from the craziness in the living room).  He’s just so dang sad.  Poor baby.  Dasha doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to play.  Hope she doesn’t up with it too.

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Ruthann said...

Praying Jack is feeling better soon! Hope nobody else get it too.