Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I almost forgot to post about this!  Every year we watch the homecoming parade our high school has.  My high school didn’t do that so I’ve always thought it was cool.  From the time my older kids were in elementary school, I’d take whoever was with me and go up to the parking lot and watch the high schoolers as they  enjoyed their time to be silly.  We get to sit right on the curb!  There’s always a firetruck and police car as well as several floats created by each class and several clubs or groups.  And of course all the homecoming attendants :).


Andrew walked the parade every year as a member of the football team and I was a little bummed that we wouldn’t have anybody walking to cheer for this year but M came to the rescue!  The orchestra class decided to do a float which turned into a pick-up but they all threw candy anyway!


There’s my Madelyn getting ready to toss her little brother and sister some candy!

That night we went to the football game – Dasha’s first!

P1050082 P1050083

We all had a great time!  We won!  As a matter of fact our team id now at 7-0!  Too bad this great season is happening after Andrew’s time with them though.

And then of course, the Homecoming Dance was Saturday.  M and Charlie looked great, as usual!


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