Sunday, August 31, 2008

Installment #2 - the Shower

My wonderful, amazing, couldn't go on without them friends decided I needed a baby shower for our new little someone since it had been almost 8 years since we had a baby here! My super buddy Jenny even made a special effort to include M in the planning, decorating, and gift buying so she would feel included and proud. I had family and friends come from far away, one of them my BFF since 7th grade, Lori. There were church friends, in-laws, my relatives, friends from college, and friends I met here through my kids' schools. It was truly wonderful to have all these people that I love in one spot, and All of them knew Jack had been dx with ds, and it didn't matter to anyone one whit! They all came to welcome him and give us love and support. I'll never forget it. We had lots of food and cake (my favorite!) and opened so many presents I knew we wouldn't need to buy anything for months! I still had the crib and changing table/dresser from the other kids (I was keeping those for grandbabies anyway, ironic, huh?) but I got lots of other great stuff, including a cute, cute bassinet that I'm now trying to talk myself into selling. Jack came early and arrived before I had everything ready, but that would be the next story. Apparently, I only got a couple photos on my camera from the shower, but here are two. One is the yummy cake, and the other is my 2 of my super friends from out of town, Lori and Sherry.

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